Being established in 2002, ITAC (Information Technology & Automation Co.) has provided the local and global market with advanced and intelligent solutions in systems automation and mobile-powered systems. Specialized in developing Products, Services and Software Solutions, ITAC has enriched the market with state of the art solutions customized and enhanced to suit each customer and market special needs.

Being started in Jordan, and operating in their since day one, it took advantage and benefits of the advanced and outstanding infrastructure and substructures available to go ahead towards Globalization (G11N) and Internationalization (I18N), where now ITAC is offering services around the world, where it opened its second global branch in Erbil, Iraq in 2012.

Being the lead automation solutions and mobile applications provider in Jordan, this allowed us to create world-wide partnerships, starting from KSA, Yemen, Palestine, and Libya. These partnerships formed the identity of ITAC and it boosted our steps to make a definitive fingerprint in IT world. Now seeking partners worldwide will allow us to create more comprehensive and intelligent business network worldwide.

Being started in 2002 ITAC didn’t cocoon itself with Desktop Application and web applications as the global and local market were focusing on, ITAC viewed the future and mastered working on Mobile and Handheld Application, which is now ruling the world of technology. This was the main crucial idea in the ITAC philosophy to advance in a field already rapidly changing.

Where ITAC offer Desktop (Windows) powered solutions, it also specialized in providing Mobiles and Handhelds solutions, powered by Android or iOS and even Mobile Windows, and to advance it more, ITAC solutions are fully compatible to work on either Desktop, Mobiles, Tablets, and Handhelds, with its native apps or via Web Portals. And it always takes in mind to offer the systems to be powered by Cloud, Dedicated servers or even offline versions.


Quality, this simple word, with huge commitment, and deep meaning, is the core of our mission, to make sure to deliver our customers with the most advanced and intelligent solutions, we make sure it meets their expectations, their dreams and to be their painkillers.

As long as there is no success where there is no goal, we set the bar high, and leap towards it, not just to achieve our mission or make it happen, no, to expand it, to make sure it includes all the aspects of daily business life.

Adapting new technologies and work with the latest IT business flow are a part of our mission, as every day, a new technology is invented, and new infrastructure is found, we always make sure to include it and adapt working on it to make sure our customers are always on the lead of their industries.



This is our vision, to be the pioneers in the local, regional and global market, to be the pioneers in providing the latest and best solutions, to be the pioneers that any business can rely on.


Quality: Best Solutions that are most required by the markets and businesses.

Pioneers: The first providers for advanced solutions with most recent technologies and infrastructures

Globalization: To make sure our products and services are available and compatible worldwide.

Service Excellence: We work hard to deliver a world-class level of service and customer experience.

Customer Focus: We always consider our customers are first, and their needs are our mission.

Empowerment: Our employees are our assets, and that’s why we heavily invest in promoting their skills.