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    ProVanMate: Simplify your Sales and Distribution Cycles process
      Improve customer satisfaction.
      Avoid the Out-of-stock problem.
      Detailed reports and analysis.
      Increase the products distribution coverage.
      Enhance the salespersons productivity.
      Extract KPIs from the dashboard
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  • Simplicity, in its deepest meanings.
    ProVanMate is the key to the success in any Sell and Distribute Cycle, built with the latest and most advanced technologies, it is the state-of-the-art mobile powered System to automate and cover the Sales Cycle form all aspects.

Manage, Sell, Achieve and Rest in Between!

Our Components

ProVanMate simplify your Sales and Distribution cycle process with:

The core modules in the system to fully operate the sell and distribute products cycle. Each module is loaded with an abundant number of features and tools to ensure achieving the sales team goals and reach to the company's vision.

These extra features are available upon request, as each company may have their own needs for the Sales and Distribution Cycles in the company. These features are completely compatible with the system, which works flawlessly with ProVanMate

These features are included in every system we deploy to our client, which are free of charge and we see that some clients may need them along their daily operations.

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Cloud Ready Application

Cross Platform (Android, IOS & Windows Mobile)

Online-Offline Support

Seamlessly integration with ITACWare or any 3rd party ERP

Supports Online- Offline GPS Tracking

User friendly interface and mobile app

Empower your empire and be the future partner.


“…Appreciate ITAC efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you demonstrated on the project…”


“… We thank ITAC for the abnormal performance, hoping to keep this partnership developing towards more achievements…”

Hanadi Haddad Procurement Department Fine Hygienic Holding Co LTD

“… We would love to thank and appreciate the effort from ITAC to implement the ProVanMate system on a high level of credibility and professionality…”

Ramzi NasirOperations ManagerDelivery One